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Ralph Pfremmer is the son of an entrepreneur who became a local celebrity known as “Friendly Ralph” from early television commercials in Columbia, Missouri.  “I was greatly influenced by my father.  He was a gregarious front man; a pitch man who could sell anything.  He was a colorful character, and people trusted him.”

Growing up in the restaurant his family owned, Ralph learned hands-on the business of food, and at the young age of 12, started his training in what would become his life’s work.  His professional experiences took him through virtually every aspect of the industry – from studying the culinary arts under renowned chefs to opening major national restaurant chains; from developing proprietary food brands to running the dining services of multi-unit facilities.
Ralph created his own restaurant concepts that would later be used in the company he founded in 2000 - PFoodman (now Pedestal Foods).  His first account, Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri remains a Pedestal Foods client to this day. And his first restaurant, The Wolf Public House is still a favorite among active living enthusiasts in St. Louis, Missouri.
“I had a great mentor early in my career that described our business to me like a triangle:  there are three components - financial results, operations and people development; too much emphasis on one creates an imbalance and the likelihood of failure is eminent. These have to be performing equally and be in balance at all times.
Over the course of a decade, Ralph grew his company; providing dining services to private colleges and K-12 schools, and Senior Living in the MidWest and SouthEast. He authored a book and teaches a wildly-popular course on dining etiquette, which educates graduating seniors on the finer art of proper dining manners for professional situations.  And, just like his father before him, he has become a fixture in the local community; that trusted front man championing the causes he believes in.  “You have to build credibility through helping and giving back to your community.  I think it is very important that we have causes and that we fund them alongside our success in business.  I feel I have a responsibility to utilize my business as a platform for what I believe and for what I feel is important in the 

Ralph Pfremmer at a glance.
• President and Founder of Pfoodman (now called Pedestal Foods), a multi-unit hospitality management company with offices in St. Louis, MO and Nashville, TN
• Speaks on entrepreneurial business, dining etiquette, personal branding, and giving back to the community.
• Author and philanthropist.
• Husband and proud father.

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