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Ralph Pfremmer is an entrepreneur and strategic philanthropist known for providing non-profit and for-profit organizations a unique toolkit to achieve better results and better performance in times of change. This is what he has done for 30 years, and in his own businesses; a lifelong career in the hospitality industry.  

Having founded Pfoodman Holdings, the Wolf Public House Restaurant, and having participated in dozens of start-up and turn-around endeavors, Ralph Pfremmer provides the perfect platform for helping others achieve cultural excellence and business advancement.  He is an advocate for community enrichment, active living and cultural arts.  

Ralph is a public speaker, musician and motivator and is available for speaking engagements, performances and organizational enrichment programs.  Please contact for inquiries.  

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Our mission is to lead in fostering healthy, active and vibrant communities where walking, bicycling and the use of public transit are a way of life.


The St. Louis Blues Society is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating Blues music in and from St. Louis, while fostering its growth and appreciation. The St. Louis Blues Society provides Blues artists the opportunity for public performance and individual improvement in their field, all for the educational and artistic benefit of the general public.


To preserve and protect Mexican wolves, red wolves and other wild canid species, with purpose and passion, through carefully managed breeding, reintroduction and inspiring education programs.


The Foundry Art Centre Mission is to connect people with the Arts through exhibitions, studio artists, performances and education.


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Make Streets Safer for Pedestrians 

The recent surge of pedestrian deaths and injuries in St. Louis deserved the front-page placement on the April 10 issue ("City's Walk of Peril").  We can no longer wait to improve condition for people walking.  

The high rate of pedestrian deaths and serious injuries in St. Louis led the Federal Highway Administration to designate the city of St. Louis a “focus city” in 2011; the designation remains today. Pedestrian safety is a problem in St. Louis, and all across America. The causes include: people driving above the speed limit, distracted and impaired driving, poorly designed streets that prioritize moving cars over keeping pedestrians safe, and pedestrians walking in unpredictable ways that create dangerous situations.

A pedestrian is no match for a speeding vehicle. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports the average risk of severe injury for a pedestrian hit by a vehicle is 75 percent at 39 mph. Many city streets have speed limits set at 35 mph with people often driving faster. Pedestrians have a 50/50 chance of dying if struck at 42 mph. (For older pedestrians, those risks run much higher.) The grim reality of pedestrian injuries and deaths in our country, as detailed in the report “Dangerous by Design,” is this: Every eight minutes a vehicle hits a pedestrian.


Progress must be made, and it can’t come fast enough for St. Louisans. The good news is there are changes afoot.

Trailnet is the leading pedestrian and bicycling advocacy organization in the St. Louis region. Through informal meetings, policy change and educational workshops, Trailnet has been working with city, county and state elected officials, transportation engineers and planners to improve pedestrian safety. The strategy is to implement Complete Streets policies and designs, and employ the 5 E’s:

• Engineering safer street designs for pedestrians;

• Educating people about how to keep themselves and others safe when they are walking or driving;

• Encouraging more people and organizations to advocate for safe streets;

• Enforcing speed limits and impaired/distracted driving laws;

• Evaluating pedestrian safety issues on a coordinated and ongoing basis.

In addition, the city of St. Louis recently bolstered its Complete Streets policy and Mayor Francis Slay signed on to U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx’s challenge for improving safety for people walking and biking. The Healthy Eating, Active Living Partnership is piloting traffic calming solutions to improve walking conditions through the American Planning Association’s Plan4Health program. The partnership is led by the St. Louis Department of Health and includes Trailnet and other key partners.

Across the country the Vision Zero movement is gaining momentum. Because traffic injuries and deaths are preventable, communities are coming together around the bold vision of reducing them to zero.

Finally, on Sept. 28, Trailnet will host a Walk Summit to bring all of these ideas together to catalyze further action. The summit is happening in conjunction with the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals conference in St. Louis, Sept. 28 to Oct. 1. These two events will bring hundreds of advocates, planners, engineers and elected officials together who are passionate about creating safe streets for people walking.

Maintaining this momentum is paramount. The deaths of seven pedestrians on our city streets in three short months should give us all pause, and spur us all to action.

Ralph Pfremmer is executive director of Trailnet.


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